Terms and conditions

Occupancy Rules:
Due to HOA rules and regulations the condos can hold no more than 4 people (1 bedrooms), 6 people (2 bedroom), or 8 people (3 bedroom). This includes children and adults.  If there is evidence of additional guests in the condos you will be fined up to $250.

Payment Terms and Conditions:
Your credit card is charged for a $500 down payment and cost of trip insurance (if opted-in) upon reservation creation. Remaining balance is due 60 days prior to check-in. You will receive a reminder at that time at which point you can pay by check, eCheck, or credit/debit card*. If payment is not received 45 days prior to check-in or if you make a reservation within 45 days of check-in (and choose to enter your credit/debit card information rather than eCheck information) your card will automatically be charged with the 3% fee.

*If you choose to pay by credit/debit card there is a 3% processing fee. We recommend entering eCheck information when making your reservation to avoid the 3% processing fee. 


Cancellation Policy:

We have developed a cancellation policy that we believe is fair to our clients and also to the owners that we represent. If at any time you decide to cancel your reservation we will open the calendars back up and if the condo rebooks for the same nights you will be refunded the paid balance minus a $50 cancellation fee and cost of trip insurance (if opted-in). If the unit is unable to book the paid balance is non refundable.

VACATION RENTAL INSURANCE-CSA Vacation Rental Insurance has been made available with your reservation. Vacation Rental Insurance reimburses for pre-paid, non-refundable expenses due to certain unforeseeable circumstances that may jeopardize your vacation investment and force you to incur unplanned expenses. We strongly recommend you purchase this valuable protection. Please ask us if you have any questions. If not purchased, you acknowledge you have read and understand our cancelation policy and choose not to purchase Vacation Rental Insurance on behalf of all occupants. Separate terms and conditions apply, read your policy carefully and contact CSA at (866) 999-4018 with coverage questions.

Hoa Rules and Regulations:
-No smoking is allowed in the condos including the balcony. No smoking allowed on the complex grounds.
-Pets are not allowed in condos or on grounds.

If upon check-out inspection we find evidence of pets or smoking in the condo you will be fined up to $500.

*Please note there is a 3% convenience fee that is added to your remaining balance if you elect to pay the final balance by credit card. If your check-in date is within 30 days the 3% fee will automatically be included if e-check payment method is not entered when making the reservation.