Posted on 1/28/2022

3 Simple Tips To Have A Romantic Vacation

Valentine’s day is just around the corner and many couples dream of getting away with their partner on a romantic vacation. But what makes a regular vacation into a romantic one? Honestly, it doesn’t take much. Follow these three simple tips and you’re bound to have a romantic vacation to remember.

1. Plan one main activity per day

There are usually two extremes when it comes to vacation planning. We either plan every detail down to the minute because we want to make sure we get everything in and “get the most out of our vacation” or we plan nothing at all because vacations are meant to be “relaxing” and “care-free”. The key to a successful vacation, and especially a romantic one is a balance between planning, spontaneity, and relaxation. Planning shows thoughtful effort, which makes someone feel special. Planning one main activity per day gives you that structure and thoughtfulness, but still allows romantic moments of spontaneity, as well as time for relaxing and just enjoying each other’s presence. Want some ideas for romantic things to do? Check out our blog post on Best Activities for a Romantic Vacation in Oceanside, CA.

2. Disconnect to reconnect

It’s important to be present with your partner. It’s even more important after you’ve spent the time, money, and effort to “get away” and “have alone time,” so you want to give these alone moments the full attention they deserve. If you can, try to go the whole trip with your phones on airplane mode and only use google to look up nearby restaurants or plans. The world of business contacts and social media can wait until you are back home.

Now, we understand it may not be practical to completely disconnect from the outside world while away on vacation. If this is the case, at least set-aside time each day for both you and your partner to be phone and device-free to enjoy meaningful conversation, and quality time together, and just get lost in the moment (and each other’s eyes.)

3. Get personal and share your feelings

Some major points of getting away with your partner are to do something fun with them and spend extra time with them. But you need to ask the question of why do you want to do these activities or spend this time with them? The answer is, probably because they are special to you…. and this is the simplest way to add romance, by sharing this.

Now, this isn’t always easy for everybody. Some may hate talking about their feelings. Lovey-dovey words make you squeamish, or as the kids are saying now, give you the “ick”. But this is the time to put those feelings aside and share how you feel about your person. This can be done verbally, while on a romantic walk on the beach or over a delicious brunch, or with a love letter stored in their suitcase or under their pillow as a surprise. It can be as simple or as elaborate as you feel but please at least share. People need and deserve to hear that they are loved.

So there you have it. As per usual the secrets to love and romance and romantic vacations are actually quite simple and we hope you are able to use these three simple tips to have a romantic vacation with us soon.

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