Posted on 6/27/2022

How To Maintain Your Health Goals While On Vacation

It can be difficult enough to maintain your health goals in the midst of your day-to-day life, let alone when on vacation. The chance to splurge a bit and not focus so hard on diet and exercise can be very tempting, as well as our bodies have to adjust to time differences and disrupted routines. However, we understand how important health goals are so we’ve outlined 7 ways to maintain your health goals without sacrificing the fun and relaxation of your vacation.

7 ways to maintain your health goals while on vacation

1. Don’t forget to sleep

Sleep is essential for your body, mind, and overall health. Not only does sleep affect your energy levels, but it also affects your mood, memory, immune system, weight, and so much more. It’s easy to want to go go go while on a fun trip, but remember, part of a vacation is relaxation. To maintain your health goals, you’ll want to make sure you are getting plenty of sleep while on vacation.

2. Drink plenty of water

You’ve probably heard that up to 60% of the human adult body is water, and we know that water is essential for the body’s functions. For those reasons alone, it’s important to stay hydrated. But focusing on drinking water can help you maintain your health goals when on vacation in other ways. Water helps you feel full, which can help curb cravings and keep you from unnecessary snacking. Water also helps the body process nutrients and flush out toxins which can help your body lose weight and be healthy.

3. Eat a good breakfast

Your mama has probably always told you, “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day” and as usual, she was right. According to the Better Health Channel, “As the name suggests, breakfast breaks your overnight fasting period. It replenishes your supply of glucose to boost your energy levels and alertness, while also providing other essential nutrients required for good health.” Eating a good breakfast will help you maintain your health goals on vacation because it jumpstarts your energy and metabolism and thus, helps you burn more calories throughout the day. But popping a doughnut in your mouth and sipping caffeine doesn’t count as a “good breakfast.” You want to make sure that your morning meal is full of fiber and protein. Those elements will give energy and fuel to your body and keep you fuller for longer.

4. Excercise when you can

We get it, you’re on vacation, and you may not want to indulge in your 7 am gym experience during it. However, you still want to make sure you exercise when you can to maintain your health goals. The easiest way to add exercise is to find a way to walk. Try to get as many steps in as you can. Want to go downtown or to the harbor for lunch? Take a walk instead of the car! Want to relax in the evening? Take a stroll along the beach! Find ways to get in movement while on vacation. Relaxation does not always mean a lazy choice. Choosing to be active while on vacation can also help boost your mood and add other positive aspects to your travels.

5. When it comes to food, try and plan ahead

When dining out, planning what you are going to have is always nice as it will help you stay on track. Most restaurants publish their menus online, and it’s helpful to look at what options are available and which ones line up most with your health goals. If you’ve already made up your mind on what you’ll be ordering, that can also help to avoid food temptations when in the restaurant.

Planning to eat at home can also help maintain your health goals while on vacation. If you are in a vacation rental or somewhere else where you have access to a kitchen, try to plan to cook most of your meals at your home away from home instead of eating out.

6. Remember Your Why

Your “why” is why these health goals matter to you in the first place. It’s important to refocus on this reason/reasons whenever maintaining your health goals becomes difficult. Keeping your “why” close at hand while on vacation will help with that focus. Perhaps, try repeating it in the mirror when you get ready in the morning or keep a reminder of it and your goal on your phone. Remembering your goals will help so you can meet them, even while on vacation.

7. Don’t stress about it too much

Remember, you’re on vacation and things are supposed to be relaxed and fun! Don’t be hard on yourself if things don’t go according to plan or get out of hand. Don’t let one bad meal ruin your day, don’t let one bad day ruin your vacation, don’t let one bad vacation ruin your life. You can always get back on track and achieve your goals.

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